In our school there is a HIV/AIDS Club,


Gate keeper:    Mr. Evans Mwachla (H/T)
Patron :    Madam Esha .K Maamun.
Secretary:    Madam Maryam Abdulrazak.
Treasurer:    Madam RizikI Omar.
Guidance and counseling: Mrs. Mainda.

In the club our objective is to: -

1.    Educate the School on facts about HIV/AIDS, e.g.
    -    How HIV/AIDS is transmitted.
    -    Prevention
    -    Care and support to people living with AIDS
2.    Educate our youths about behavior change, e.g.
    -    Abortion.
    -    Early marriage.
    -    Child Abuse.
    -    Teenage Pregnancy.
    -    Sexual Decision Making.
    -    Drug Abuse.

3.    We have stored a feeding programme September, 2006 for the

4.    We have a separate room for HIV/AIDS resource centre, we normally
carry out the studies - circles with the teachers and pupils.

5.    We have peer educators they assist teacher in educating their peers
on HIV/AIDS in the School and at home.

6.   We participated in KNUT/AFT HIV/AIDS MODEL SCHOOL COMPETION. We took the first position in Mombasa District.



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